Out of clutter, find simplicity

... from discord, find harmony.

Clearing Clutter – Planning

While it’s important in life to have moments of spontaneity, I am a firm believer that some things require  planning. As a Professional Organizer rarely do I spontaneously organize – this I plan!   

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  • Develop a plan of action to speed up the organizing process. 
  • Decide where you are going to start; which drawer, surface, room?
  • Determine how much time you will dedicate; start slow 15 minutes per day.
  • Decide on a a realistic completion date. 
  • Plan the reward you will give yourself for reaching the goal(s) identified in your plan. Perhaps a spa day, a movie night or a new book.  
  • Break large tasks into manageable, bite size pieces. Success will be inevitable.
  • Remember to write a note on your calendar or an entry in a journal highlighting your project and the steps needed to achieve your goal. 
  • Honor this commitment as you would a commitment to someone else.
  • Start planning now!

Clearing Clutter – Commitment

Make a decision to spend a set amount of time everyday for organizing.  Try just 15 minutes at first . If after 15 minutes you still want to continue, go ahead. Did you know it takes only 5 minutes to organize a sock drawer?

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Did you know it takes only about 5 minutes to organize a sock drawer?

  • Make sure that the time of day you decide to organize is a time when you are mentally and physically fresh. If not, you may become disillusioned, tired and overwhelmed. 
  • Honour this commitment as you would a commitment to someone else. 
  • Put the time on your calendar as an appointment for yourself. Remember, this time you have committed is important to you, as it will be used to create an environment reflective of who you are today!

Organizing Tip

The Organized You

If you have some vintage cups or saucers repurpose them for jewellery or use them as a catch all tray on your entry or bedside table. Sure to be a conversation piece.

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